Investment Approach

Phoenix Capital invests in institutional quality multifamily assets in the U.S. Our highly selective investment approach, intentionally limited fund size, and repeatable investment process have historically allowed us to achieve a level of excellence and consistency across our funds and co-investments that our loyal and diversified client base values and trusts.




Phoenix Capital exclusively invests in multifamily within the real estate asset class. Historically, apartments have provided the highest returns and lowest volatility of any sector of commercial real estate.

Development Focus


In most market cycles, Phoenix is focused on investing in new developments, where profit margins are typically higher and hold periods shorter than those of value-add acquisitions of existing properties.

High-Growth Markets


Phoenix focuses on investing in the top job and wage growth markets in the U.S. where rents typically outpace the national average and there is expected to be both significant renter demand and institutional buyer demand.

Value Driven


Phoenix avoids overly expensive projects that require high rents only a limited pool of renters can afford, and instead focuses on well-located, expertly-designed projects with a competitive cost basis that can achieve strong returns with rents that are affordable for a larger pool of renters.

Development Background


Phoenix has an experienced professional team with firsthand experience as a multifamily developer, including an in-house architect and engineer for additional oversight through the life cycle of each project.

Repeat Partners


Phoenix leverages long standing, repeat relationships with the top national and regional developers to create value for investors through unique access to proprietary deal flow.

Alignment of Interests


Phoenix is 100% employee owned, and the team invests significant amounts of their own personal capital in every project, creating a strong alignment of interest with our clients.